Best football players of all time

best football players of all time

Apr. SN's list of the best Tennessee football players of all time. Who does Pele think are the greatest footballers alive? . players and omitting famous legends to this list of all-time-greatests does not help either. One of the best football players of all time - Kaka:)An. Excellent person. I love him. Love your writing, thank you. Was ist ein abseits Barcelona — Real Madrid Now he is a model pro! Just look at the endless compilations of him playing one killer pass after Beste Spielothek in Preußlitz finden other. Http:// does what to netent gamesys done.

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Best football players of all time -

I think he is only the fourth best player of all time. A final consideration to strengthen my argument: But two things stopped me from including one in my top four. Just looking at the players, I have to believe mine is better otherwise my selection would have been wrong. Maradona by what I got from you had a rough peak of 91 maybe. This applies to Maradona and his less-than-professional lifestyle as well. For a more recent Clasico masterclass, watch his legendary performance at the Bernabeu in early Your reply was very well put and your explanation makes sense to me. Yes, well, those are my thoughts on the matter. His whole game is infused with a deep rationality. But I think Messi performed even better and I gave reasons that support this claim. That will be a big moment for the football world in comparing them as goalscorers. Diego Armando Maradona, of all the flawed geniuses, is possibly the greatest genius and was the least flawed, at least insofar as he had a long career full of great peaks despite his flaws. I think he is only the fourth best player of all time.

Best football players of all time -

Of course you are. Preliminaries Now, before we get to the real discussion there are a few preliminary points to be mentioned. I chose Zidane ahead of Iniesta mainly because while Iniesta is a very good big game player, Zidane tops him in that regard. The best I have ever read on this subject. This is true — in a way. Yes, well, those are my thoughts on the matter. Very insightful and analytical indeed. Real Madrid Best Match: He actually comes close to achieving candidate status. I think he was faster, stronger and taller… wait, he actually was not taller than the other three. Pls can you do a little write-up on Kroos vs Xavi and their all-round qualities and ability to play in multiple systems in the highest level? We can just watch the matches and form an opinion of our own. best football players of all time Later on, when he was an established superstar and opponents triple-marked him on a regular basis, he went on dribbling runs much more infrequently. Please feel free to argue your case if you disagree with me. In the first one I compiled what I think is the best team in football history. This has to do with the fact that he played most of his football in the 50s, a time from which little footage and very few full matches have survived. As always, very well written and argued. Messi as the best ever? He does what needs to be done.

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